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My first time getting high from smoking Marijuana was back in 1992 as a Sophomore in college.  A good sized blunt was my weapon of choice.  I was immediately taken by the euphoric feeling of “getting high” once I smoked that blunt (It was more like half of a blunt)....

Have you seen some of the claims that physicians and individuals have been making regarding Medical Cannabis strains/CBD/formulations, etc.? 

Recently, I had been speaking with a patient that I was providing patient advocate services for through Affinity Patient Advocac...

May 16, 2018

As I walked into the dispensary for the first time, I was excited and nervous.  I had been self-medicating for about a three years prior to the dispensary opening.

Even though I had a medical card issued by Pennsylvania and was in an approved Pennsylvania...

Throughout the years within my Biotech/Pharma/CRO career, I have always been so thankful for all of the lessons learned, the skills developed and the colleagues that I have met along the way.

As I have been thinking about my career journey (especially as of late), I hav...

Imagine watching someone grow up from five years old into their early twenties and see them become a meth addict.  How would you feel? I can tell you from personal experience that is it horrible as I watched this happen. I tried everything I could to help this young ma...

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