The struggle to care for those whom suffer and are in need...

Mental disorders, as we all know, are an under-treated condition in America. Whether it be identification or the stigma that’s associated with them, many suffer in silence for far too long. Moreover, patient adoption to treatment methods is often not as effective to realize longterm positive results.

​ The biggest issue in treating one specific disorder, Bipolar Disorder, is that the individual has to take antidepressants and mood stabilizers. These prescription drugs mood stabilizers call for monthly blood work prior to use. Further complicating the issue is that most young clients will not take their meds because they have to take too many meds to remember on a daily basis, often 3 to 4 times a day. Mood stabilizers also cause sexual side effects that a young client is not comfortable with. The medications take away the mania which they love to feel. That feeling makes them feel like they are on top of the world. The prescriptions, these patients will often complain, make them feel the complete opposite and like they are dull. So I’ve been left thinking about Medical Cannabis as a solution. Maybe if this oil was tried, these patients would be compliant with a solution and we’d see better adoption and consistent usage rates for Bipolar Disorder with Major Depressive Disorder. In this Disorder, sadly, we are seeing in far to many instances where these patients will commit suicide due to the fact that their antidepressants constantly have to be altered due to the changes in moods. A lot of clients simply don’t want to deal with constantly changing medications with their changing moods. As a result, in my experience, I would find their medications in the trash when I visited them at their residence. Upon testing them, the medication levels would be nonexistent in their system because they had not been taking the medication. This is the sad reality of treating these patients and an experience I deal with far too often. As a nurse, i have often tried to come up with solutions that better assist my patients. For example I even often give clients medication boxes for the week so that it is easier for them to remember their medication times and days. Regrettably there are still too many instances where medications are found in the patient’s boxes at the end of the week. I also tried, for example, to do daily medication pick ups at the office. This practice was unsuccessful as well due to the fact that when mania occurs, the individual is in a different frame of mind and forgets to come to the office. Currently, there is no known monthly injectable treatment for bipolar disorder, though this would be an optimal treatment option. As described by many drug representatives in my career, the molecules of the mood stabilizers are too big to create an injection. In the 10 years that I have been a mental health nurse, I have only seen a couple success stories with bipolar disorder, and this is just unacceptable. My experience has found that many patients end up: in jail due to uncontrollable manias that resulted in illegal activities, died from successful suicide attempts, or ended up homeless due to the family not knowing what to do for their loved one. Some parents of my clients used to say that their teen doesn’t listen and always runs out in the night and how discipline didn’t even work so they had no choice to throw their own child out on the street. I would educate the parents on the disorder and the problems regarding the constant non med compliance. It is an endless cycle that needs to stop. There are so many jails crowded with mental health clients that should not be there. Once they are in jail, they are given medications just to sedate them such as thorazine. I have been to many court cases with my clients and not once did the free attorney ask them about any mental health conditions. I had to tell the lawyer. Right there is another fail in the mental health field. Why are lawyers not taught to ask such questions? All the lawyers would say is what they did wrong and how the judge won’t look kindly on the charges. I was able to get a lot of my clients community service time and for the client to continue attending our companies care. So as I have reflected upon my experience as a Mental Health Nurse and the possibilities of this oil as a viable treatment option I’ve come to one conclusion alone. What we are doing now, isn’t working. A new innovative way of treatment that presents better results should become a viable option. After all, of these were your loved ones you’d want any and all compassionate forms of treatment explored. It’s only fair to the families but more importantly it’s only fair to a patient who only wants to feel better / normal again.

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