I am a Pioneer, and I am a women! I have all intentions on making Medical Cannabis/CBD history!

In honor of National Women’s Month coming to a close, I feel inclined to share my thoughts regarding being a female CEO working within the emerging Medical Cannabis/CBD industry. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working in a very male dominated industry with my traditional clinical research career, but I’m beginning to see the tables turn within the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry. There are more females in Executive positions and I applaud them whenever we cross paths. The Medical Cannabis/CBD movement fits the textbook definition of progressive, and it is one that is generating momentum with each day that passes. We have the honor of setting standards and being a Pioneer; true Pioneers! How does that sound to you? As for me, I am greatly honored to be a pioneer! Being able to utilize my many years of experience in the traditional biotech/Pharma Clinical Research industry, and bringing all of the lessons I learned forward into the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry is invaluable to all of those that I work with. In the very least, I deserve a seat at the table. But I believe I’m worthy of far more, and have made my reservations to be seated at the head of the table. Much of what you see today, as far as my professional accomplishments are concerned, can be attributed to my diligence, perseverance, loyalty and an unwavering ability to push forward through trying times. Even though I previously mentioned that the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry is one that is progressive, chauvinism is still present as ever. Personally, I have experienced examples of this grotesque behavior throughout my time in this industry. To this day, I am still shocked when I come across industry jumpers that are only in it to “get rich quick”, and are not in our industry to truly make a positive impact. Their superficial behavior is easily detected. Hell, it happened to me two weeks ago! Fortunately, my personal integrity does not tolerate said behavior. I can not allow this type of behavior to go unnoticed, and I take great pride in acknowledging their unacceptable actions. I wouldn’t be the daughter of a Teamster if I were just sit there and allow these despicable actions to be carried out, without bringing them to light. It is up to every women to stand firm in her convictions, and to ensure that these infractions do not go unaddressed. After all, where would many successful teams be without a strong women behind them? I am a Pioneer, and I am a women! I have all intentions on making Medical Cannabis/CBD history! What about you? How will you go down in history?

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