It is time to ensure more mental health clinical research is done with Medical Cannabis and CBD.

Imagine watching someone grow up from five years old into their early twenties and see them become a meth addict. How would you feel? I can tell you from personal experience that is it horrible as I watched this happen. I tried everything I could to help this young man.

How did we get here? In his early teens, he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disease as well as ODD. He was seeing a psychologist and was being treated with pharmaceutical grade products. Most were for his diagnosed indications and sometimes he was prescribed medicine that was “off label”. He was tracking appropriately on the meds but found it difficult at times to stay on track. Mostly, I believe that it was due to the fact that his father left him early on in his life with his father’s parents to be raised. He felt abandoned and never good enough.

As he continued on in his life he tried to fit in as best as he could while always looking for his father’s attention and praise.

Then one day his grandfather DIED. The only father figure that this young man actually had. This was a complete devastation for him and he spiraled off course. He stopped taking his meds, he began running wild. He ran away from home and then became HOMELESS. He turned to drugs. He needed something to numb the pain. He needed help, love and light at the end of the tunnel.

He overdosed twice and was brought back with Narcan. He committed a crime and ended up in prison for a few months. He finally was put in Rehab as it was court ordered. He is still in Rehab.

This is not uncommon path of a Bipolar patient. The Pharma medicines that he was taking did not help. He felt alone, lost and useless.

This is one of the reasons why I have gotten into the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry. How can I sit back and not help? Why not use our talents to help patients with unmet medical needs?

We need to move forward with clinical studies with Medical Cannabis and CBD. We cannot allow the suicides and the overdoses to continue. IT MUST END.

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