I was made to be a Patient Advocate

Throughout the years within my Biotech/Pharma/CRO career, I have always been so thankful for all of the lessons learned, the skills developed and the colleagues that I have met along the way.

As I have been thinking about my career journey (especially as of late), I have taken note of the many changes.

These changes have been extraordinary from both a personal and professional standpoint. Since August 2015, I pushed into a Patient Advocate role to assist with my father's care when he was dying from Cancer and launched Affinity Patient Advocacy.

When I pursued the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry through Affinity Bio Partners, in 2017, it seemed natural for me to advocate for patients. Not only from a treatment stand point but also relative to the stigma perspective and ensuring that their rights are protected under the Medical Cannabis laws in the states that are Legal.

I am reminded on a daily basis as I interact directly with Medical Cannabis/CBD patients how many have unmet medical needs both adults and children. This has propelled me to stand before my peers, politicians and those in society that oppose my position to help patients with unmet medical needs with Medical Cannabis/CBD Clinical Research.

Once you have experienced standing before a young child with Autism, a Stage 4 Cancer patient, a child with DIPG, a patient with Epilepsy, ALS, Bi-Polar or Parkinson's Disease, it should be the tremendous wake-up call you will ever receive.

I ask all of you to join me in making history and endorsing Clinical Research in Medical Cannabis/CBD.

It is time to stop hiding in the green closet for some of you and step out with all of us Clinical Research professionals that are out here tirelessly helping all of these patients that truly need our assistance.

Isn't that why you joined the Clinical Research industry?

I am proud to be a Pioneer in the Medical Cannabis/CBD industry. I am here to serve all of those patients with unmet medical needs and hopefully make a difference in their lives.


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