False Claims or Facts?

Have you seen some of the claims that physicians and individuals have been making regarding Medical Cannabis strains/CBD/formulations, etc.?

Recently, I had been speaking with a patient that I was providing patient advocate services for through Affinity Patient Advocacy (www.affinitypatientadvocacy.org) and I was told that they were provided a “formula” for medical cannabis that works on cancer.

When I heard this, I became alarmed and very upset! Being an executive in the traditional Biotech/Pharma/CRO industry, I have had the pleasure of working on drugs within in the clinical research industry that had made it through the FDA approval process as well as those drugs that did not prove to be efficacious. This is the standard life cycle of drug development.

Let’s be clear, I am not stating that we should over saturate the Medical Cannabis/CBD with a bunch of unnecessary red tape but I believe that we need clinical research to demonstrate whether Medical Cannabis or CBD is efficacious and safe for the patients in the indication being explored.

Without clinical research proof, what do you really have? Who is going to believe information that is received in an antidotal fashion?

The professionals in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry need to ensure that they always raise the bar as far as professionalism is concerned due to the stigma associated with Medical Cannabis and CBD utilization.

BUT we can not allow these professionals to sell false hope and information to a patient with unmet medical needs!

All of the diligence and the standards that we are trying to develop in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry can be destroyed by these individuals who are making claims. Let us all ban together to help all of these patients in an educated manner!!

This is one of the reasons why I co-founded the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board (www.medicalcannabisadvisoryboard.com). We will strive to set standards in the Medical Cannabis/CBD clinical research industry as well as provide knowledge and education to support clinical research and patients.

I find myself to be very blessed to work with some of the TOP Medical Cannabis/CBD Physicians in the industry and am proud to be associated with them. We are the waive of the future for this industry!

Bottom line, if you read or are being told something regarding Medical Cannabis or CBD that is not backed by facts, clinical research or data, it is your right to question that information.

If all else fails, get in touch with me and I will help you “weed” through the information to see if it is valid.

I am here to help all patients that I can with unmet medical needs receive the proper treatment, care, education and medicine available to them!

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