Then and Now How Cannabis has evolved in my life

My first time getting high from smoking Marijuana was back in 1992 as a Sophomore in college. A good sized blunt was my weapon of choice. I was immediately taken by the euphoric feeling of “getting high” once I smoked that blunt (It was more like half of a blunt).

I noticed my perception of sound was heightened in a way that I’ve never experienced before. That’s saying a lot coming from a state champion Tuba player from my middle school years. The music I was listening to was hip hop and it moved me in a way that only music can move a person.

This elevated sense of hearing allowed me to be totally startled to the point of embarrassment from the sound of a seed popping as I drew from the subpar rolled blunt I was smoking.

I also noticed a chilling sensation in my spine and neck area that was amazing! It was almost like a sensation often described as ‘getting the chills” or having chill or goose bumps. It’s the kind of feeling that usually happens when you receive a scare, a surprise or if you are moved by the sound and emotions of an opera. This is the feeling of getting high I appreciate the most.

There’s also that ever so slight burn in the eyes that comes along with getting high that I found to be pleasurable. This was during a time when the variety of cannabis that was attainable was limited to one of two kinds. You had good weed or “kind bud” and Mexican weed also known as “regular” weed.

Nowadays I have a whole new perception and appreciation for getting high. I now enjoy a nice Sativa dominant hybrid for breakfast. I call it “burning some breakfast”. In other words, if I were to offer you a morning smoke, I would say, “Would you like to burn some breakfast?”. The strain will allow you to get a nice euphoric high and not feel too relaxed to the point that you can’t have a productive day. For me it alleviates pains and aches from my joints and helps me get my day going. I now use hemp derived papers when I smoke. I also use Vapes.

In the evening or after an intense workout, nothing is better than a strain of an Indica dominant cannabis to help me relax and mellow out. I tend to not be as sore the next day after taking it before stretching and after a hot shower. Also, this strain is a tremendous help for allowing me to sleep throughout the night. I have a terrible time falling asleep. When I do fall asleep its usually only for a short period of time. So much that if I sleep 3-4 hrs without waking up I’m doing OK. I can sleep a full 6-8 hrs now.

when I take Indica before I go to sleep! I find this strand works the great for headaches as well.

All in all, from back in the day to the present, I’m so thankful for this amazing plant and all it has proven to do thus far. Thankfully there’s much more to come do to the hard work and diligence of the doctors and scientist alike in this burgeoning cannabis industry!

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