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Affinity Bio Partner

At Affinity Bio Partners LLC we are skilled at finding hidden gems in the Clinical Trial, Oversight and Governance sphere.  Our impressive connections allow for easy procurement of staffing that fit our clients needs for short or long-term assignments. 

Affinity Bio Partners LLC's goal is to make long-lasting and beneficial connections through out talent procurement.  As in all of our service offerings, Affinity Bio Partners strives to form an mutually beneficial partnership in all that we do.  First, we thoroughly get to know your firm's unique needs and then find the best possible fit. 

You can trust Affinity Bio Partners talent procurement process because:

  • We are extremely selective.

  • We aren’t afraid to make tough choices.

  • We thoroughly understand the industries needs.

  • And we educate and coach our clients through the entire process.

Full-time C-suite procurement, short-term contractors, clinical staffing, project teams that need one more critical piece — we’ve successfully aided them all.

Affinity Bio Partners is the premier Clinical Research Organization and BioTech recruiting firm Pennsylvania! We are uniquely skilled to can walk you through any transition, no matter big or small your need.

What Makes Us Different From Other Recruiting Firms in the Clinical Research Organization and or BioTech sphere?

Affinity Bio Partners is a certified woman business enterprise. We deal directly with the biggest corporations, non-profits and businesses across the world. Our office in Phoenixville, PA, is conveniently located near Philadelphia, New York City and Washington DC  to serve anyone looking to fill their staffing needs.

Our culture is unique by design.  Christina's vision to create an organization that allowed for her passion and enthusiasm to shine through is at the core of all that we do.  Once you work with Affinity Bio Partners LLC you too will understand our passion, it is contagious!

Like all of our services, Affinity Bio Partners LLC utilizes a high attention to detail and a focus on customer services that provides big-firm results while maintaining a small firm feel.

If your firm has a need, we have the solution!  Don't hesitate to contact us today.

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