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Affinity Bio Partners

Maintains an unwavering dedication to bringing efficiency, safety, innovation and value to the clinical research process

Meet Dr. Dixon

Affinity Bio Partners (ABP)

Founded in November 2014, in a transition from Christina DiArcangelo's previous company Armonia Clinical Research (first formed in 2009), ABP represents the world’s leading cutting-edge Clinical Research Organization (CRO).  Affinity Bio Partners LLC endeavors to provide integral enterprise-wide solutions that facilitate the development of drugs, biologics, nutraceuticals and medical devices.

Affinity Bio Partners LLC and Christina DiArcangelo have been leading voices for safe and ethical clinical trials while working with stakeholders globally to promote a better and more efficient clinical trial process.  Affinity Bio Partners LLC maintains an unwavering dedication to bringing efficiency, safety, innovation and value to the clinical research process. 

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Our Services

Please reference each of our Service Offering pages for a description of the types of services we can provide your firm.  


Affinity Bio Partners is pleased to offer the clinical trial services mentioned below and to provide the transformational foundation for our clients that leverages our visionary, industry leading, professional staff.


Governance Services

We here at Affinity Bio Partners have found in many cases that there is a lack of Governance from both the Sponsor and Service Provider organizations.


Site Management

Affinity Bio Partners, LLC is proud of the services we offer to clinical sites  and even more thrilled to participate in building the leaders of tomorrow. 


Venture Capitalism

Affinity Bio Partners is skilled, knowledgeable and committed partner capable of working with Venture Capitalist firms.  Our extensive expertise in running, managing and executing clinical trials on time and on budget promotes a highly desirable organization to work with for many of these firm


Staffing and Recruitment

At Affinity Bio Partners LLC we are skilled at finding hidden gems in the Clinical Trial, Oversight and Governance sphere.  Our impressive connections allow for easy procurement of staffing that fit our clients needs for short or long-term assignments. 


PR, Marketing and Branding

Whether you're firm is a traditional BioTech company or a Medical Marijuana / Cannabis provider, Affinity Bio Partners brings the right knowledge to the table to influence the success of bringing your products and services to market in our country and beyond!

Affinity Bio Partners is a full-service Enterprise-Wide service provider.  With a healthy portfolio of services to offer, ABP will surely meet all of your firms needs. 

Know more about our services

Write to us your queries, we would be happy to respond you

Women Colleagues

Why ABP ? 

Affinity Bio Partners (ABP) is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach. ABP is a women owned CRO. There are many CROs in the market, but there is only one that will give your organization the attention, services and results your organization deserves! 

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The ABP Difference

The ABP difference is simple.  ABP is a niche organization dedicated to facilitating your organization's success.  A full service provider, ABP provides all of the enterprise-wide services you need in a collaborative approach that garners the results in your organizations demands while achieving ultimate in organizational success.

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Premier Partnership

The success of any organization is reliant upon the partnerships they form.  Having a partner that is as dedicated to the task as your organization is pivotal in achieving optimal results.  ABP is dedicated to being your premier partner dedicated to achieving all of your organizational goals!

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Offices Locations

East Coast Office

Chester Springs, PA 

West Coast Office

Campbell, CA 

Indian Office

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi


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